Minoxidil 5% scalp lotion

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Minoxidil 5% scalp lotion – Minoxidil 5% scalp lotion is used to help hair growth in the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is not used for baldness at the front of the scalp or receding hairline in men. This lotion also helps hair growth in women with thinning hair. Minoxidil 5% scalp lotion belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators. If you are under 18 don’t use this product.

How to Use: 

Before applying this lotion follow all directions on the product label. While applying Clean and dry the scalp and apply to damp hair. If you using the applicator, fill the applicator with 1 milliliter of medication or use 20 drops. After applying allow the lotion to dry completely or before going to bed. Do not use it on other parts of the body unless directed by your doctor.

Side Effects: 

  • Acne at site of application
  • Burning of scalp
  • Facial hair growth
  • Increased hair loss
  • Inflammation or soreness at root of hair
  • Reddened skin
  • Swelling of face

If you feel any of these side effects after using this product you can stop applying it as soon as possible.


If you have an allergy to it or any other allergy then before applying this product tell your doctor. This medicine may contain inactive ingredients that may cause you allergic relations and several health problems. During pregnancy or breastfeeding try to avoid this product and stay on the safe side. Before taking this product discuss all benefits and risks of products with your doctor.