Resorcinol / Sulphur

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Resorcinol / Sulphur – Resorcinol / Sulphur help to treat acne and similar skin conditions. Resorcinol and sulfur are available without a prescription but use to treat other diseases as determined by your healthcare provider.

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How to Use:

This product is only for external use. Use only if your doctor directs you. While applying this medicine read the product label carefully and follow them. To do so may raise the risk of penetration through the skin and the chance of resorcinol poisoning. Before apply, medicine washes the affected lots completely and gently pat dry. While applying take a small amount of medicine and apply on affected areas and spread on gently, but do not rub in. Unnecessary or misuse of this medicine may increase the risk of side effects from absorption into your body. After applying immediately wash your hand to remove the medicine. Keep the medicine away from your eye and mouth.

Side Effects:

  • Skin redness
  • Excessive peeling
  • Skin irritation/inflammation

Mostly you don’t need any medical attention if you feel any of these side effects. If any side effects bother you more then stop using the product as soon as possible and consult your doctor.


Before using Resorcinol / Sulphur tell your doctor if you have an allergy to it or any other allergy. This medicine may contain inactive ingredients that may cause you serval infections or allergic reactions. During pregnancy or breastfeeding use this medicine if you clearly need it otherwise you can stay on the safe side and avoid the medicine. Before taking medicine consult your doctor or discuss all benefits and risks with your doctor.